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Monthly Archives: December 2022

Why Does My Brake Pedal Feel Stiff?

Why Does My Brake Pedal Feel Stiff?

When you press down on your brake pedal, it should be able to move back up without any resistance quickly. But if the pedal feels stiff and challenging to push down, this could indicate a severe issue with your brakes. To understand why your brake pedal might feel stiff, it's essential to look at the components of your braking system and some common causes of stiffness. What Makes Up Your Braking System? Your vehicle's braking system comprises several components that all work together to allow you to slow and stop safely. This includes the brake lines, wheel cylinders, master cylinders, calipers, rotors, and discs – all essential for properly functioning brakes. Common Causes of Brake Pedal Stiffness There are a few critical causes of brake pedal stiffness that could be impacting your vehicle. These include: Leaks in the braking system: Often, the entire system will be affected if there is an issue with one component of your brakes. This can create a vacuum leak, ma ... read more

Ministry Safety Inspection Safety Standard Certificate Changes coming 2023 and beyond for Ontario

I've always been a believer in completing proper SSC Safety Standard Certificates or a Ministry Safety Inspection. These certifications need to be completed for several reasons: Transfer of ownership in Ontario ( buying or selling)  Transfer of ownership to another family  member Transfer of ownership from leasing company to your personal name or company name Importing of car  from the USA or another province to get Ontario plates.  Requested by insurance company due to age or transfer to another company After a vehicle has been rebranded    Several years ago there were changes to the auto repair safety standards paper manual. These changes were well overdue with additional c ... read more


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