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Monthly Archives: February 2023

What Does the Alternator Do?

What Does the Alternator Do?

Your vehicle's alternator is one of the most integral components of your car's charging system. Its job is to convert mechanical energy into electrical energy to power your vehicle's electrical systems and battery. If your alternator isn't functioning properly, it can lead to a host of problems, including a dead battery, dimming lights, and engine stalling. What Does the Alternator Do? At its most basic level, the alternator is a generator that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy. It does this by using a pulley and belt to convert the engine's rotational energy into an electrical current. The current is then used to power the car's various electrical systems and recharge the battery. So, how do you know if you require alternator repair? Here are some common signs: Dimming or Flickering Lights: If you notice that your headlights or dashboard lights are acting funny, it could be a sign that your alternator is struggling to keep up ... read more

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