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Monthly Archives: November 2022

8 Tips to Increase Fuel Efficiency

8 Tips to Increase Fuel Efficiency

The average Canadian spends CA$150-200 on fuel per month, depending on lifestyle and mobility needs. Fuel cost is the main cost of a running car, so you need to be efficient in how you use your fuel to minimize costs. Here are tips on how to boost your fuel efficiency. Maintain Tire Pressure Underinflated tires have high friction or rolling resistance on the road. If the tires have 10psi less than required, fuel consumption increases by up to 10%. Always ensure your tires have sufficient pressure before hitting the road. Reduce the Load In the Boot Many people have a habit of carrying unnecessary luggage in the boot. Every extra 50kgs in your car increases fuel usage by two percent. Ensure the items in the boot are essential, and remove all unnecessary stuff. Drive at Optimal Speed When cruising at 110km/h, your car's engine consumes 25% more fuel than at around 80km/h. Similarly, driving at lower than 50km/h consumes more fuel ... read more

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