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Why Do I need Brake Service

Brake Repair Oakville

You have been advised you need brakes replaced, serviced or maintenance. Let’s try and explain what is the purpose and benefit.  

I’m going to keep this concise and in simple terms

This was a great Bendix You Tube video explaining how brakes work if you want to watch it. Bendix is a long standing premium brake manufacturer.

Brake replacement is the actual removal and replacement of brake components.  Brake pad, brake rotor, brake caliper are the most common parts.  They can fail for a long list of reasons:

Brake grinding, brake squealing, brake vibrations or brake shuddering when slow or fast driving, brake pulling to one side, and various brake noises are all brake failures for replacement or maintenance service.

The purpose to replace the brake pads, rotors or calipers is to replace a faulty or worn out component for your safety. Brake calipers are not part of the typical brake job process, they usually are necessary when they have failed for some reason and in my experience that is typically neglect of brake service maintenance.

In the Bendix You Tube video there is a section at 0.51 seconds that shows all the parts of a caliper, many of them need, let me stress and say “NEED” to be maintained and serviced to avoid failure.

Some cars like Mazda 3 and Dodge Caravan have lots of brake caliper issues with  the rear calipers. Usually end up replacing them as maintenance is too far gone. . 

Brake rotor have now become common place to replace. Why? They come out of the factory already thin in brake speak.  Cost cutting and lighter vehicle weight are key concerns.  Rotor composition has changed dramatically and the actual manufacturing of brakes rotors has decreased over time. There are many brake rotor products in the market that rust fairly quickly, due to the composition of the metals used when being made. Cheap brakes gets you cheap quality!

However if you need brakes repairs on Acura, Lexus, Audi, BMW, Infiniti and more we can use our Pro Cut on Car brake lathe in some cases to save a lot of money and unnecessary brake rotor replacement..

This is a $10,000.00 piece of specialty brake service equipment that allows us to machine (cut) the existing brake rotor on the vehicle taking into considerations any wobbles the car may have at the wheels. It compensates  to ensure a true cut while still on the car.  Gone are the days of taking rotors off and putting them on a stand alone brake lathe machine. That was my dad's era of work. 

Why do I need to service my brakes?

Great question, the benefit of servicing your brakes is to ensure the moving parts of the brake caliper stay moving. When they get road deposits you can get an accumulation of “crap” like dirt and rust around the brakes pads and that prevents them from moving back and forth. Caliper parts can become rusted, fatigue, lose lubrication all leading to premature brake failure. That leads to spending money on brakes when it’s not time yet!

With my auto repair business the technicians fully take apart the brakes, everything gets cleaned properly and then the same parts go back in again.

Why do I need to service my brakes every 25,000 to 35,000kms, I never did on my last car?

2 most common reason why brake service is required at regular mileage intervals

OEM’s are now requiring owners to service brakes in order to maintain brake warranty on the vehicle. Brakes have become more complicated in design needing periodic care.

The open spoke rim deign versus my dad’s old car with steel rims and full hub caps allows for more road deposits to sit on the brake mechanisms, thus more water access, salt, and corrosion.

Older cars had brake drums which covered the brakes and required little service and care. They needed the odd cleaning and readjustment. Brake caliper designs require more periodic service to keep the pads “floating” smoothly in their holding bracket.

Why Change Brake Fluid?

Why change engine oil? Transmission fluid?  Because it’s a fluid and all fluids come from the same base oil stock. All fluids in whatever system break down. There is no such thing a “fluid for life”. Brake fluid absorbs moisture from the brake fluid filler cap, through the rubber hoses over time and during service processes.  Moisture causes seal fatigue, internal corrosion develops in some of the brake electronic system and leads to premature hydraulic system failures. Brake fluid should have brake service very 2 years or 50,000kms.  

Hope this helps 

0MM fully worn out - Metal on Metal 2MM safety brake replacement

Brand new brake padBrake parts

Carlo Sabucco 

Owner - Sils Complete Auto Care Centre 

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