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So come April 1 2017 there will be changes to the Drive Clean Emission Program. Some, oh probably most of the drivers out there dislike the program and I would agree even as an owner a business that has done thousands of them, i have my issues as well.

The program does have some merit in that those who choose to disregard maintaining there vehicle have some sort of accountability to ensure its care and environmental footprint is reduced. 

As basic as I can translate all the information coming my way here of some of the changes coming. 

  • No more $30.00 test fee on the initial first test. You pass great, the government pays. You fail the government pays. 
  • Ok, you failed. Your retest at the original testing facility is Customer Pay $17.50 + tax, if you choose another facility for the re test then it's Customer Pay $30.00 + tax. 
  • No, you can't cheat and go from one fail to another - as your VIN# of your car will tell the facility if you have tested or not upon starting the test.
  • If you failed you will need to follow the same process as current. An approved Drive Clean Certified technician will need to diagnose the failure and then the shop will advise you on what is required to remedy the failure. Before those testing fee were allowed to be incorporated into your $450.00 Conditional Waiver amount.  They are Excluded and no longer allowed.  So any testing, inspection, diagnostic fee are considered excluded from the $450.00 waiver amount. 
  • Conditional Passes are ONE TIME only now, if you receive one you will not get any more.
  • Re selling a Light Duty Vehicle [LDV] vehicle no longer requires a Drive Clean test. So many individuals and organizations are pleased with this change.  I advise customers beware of what you buy now, there is a much greater opportunity for a selling business or individual to "turn off" the check engine light and then sell you the car.  Once you buy it, it's your problem. The new mandated changes July 1 2016 to the Safety Inspection process will not cover "Check Engine" light issues in that inspection other then documenting if it is on. 

There are some positive changes and some negative changes. What im concerned about is the reselling of vehicles part.  We get asked many times "cant you just turn the light off and run the test, so I can sell it". We'll have to see what happens when the changes take effect. 

It is important to ensure you use a certified Drive Clean facility for your testing and repairs to avoid any conflict or communication issues. 

Sils Complete Auto Care Centre has been a certified Drive Clean Facility since 1999. Call us if we can help you at (905) 823-2626


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