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How Bad Driving Habits Can Hurt Your Vehicle

Your vehicle is a costly possession. It is good that you adopt habits that would make it last as long as possible. Unfortunately, most drivers maintain their cars well but adopt certain bad driving habits that wreck their vehicles in the long run. Here are some of the bad habits and the damage they do to your vehicle.

Slamming into Potholes at High Speeds

There is a thrill that comes with slamming into potholes at high speeds. However, doing so may cause damage to your tires or even blow them out. It also has a negative impact on wheel alignment, steering, and suspension system. Always be alert and slow down when you approach a pothole.

Revving Your Car Engine Soon After Starting

If your vehicle has been at the parking bay for some time, much of the oils will collect at the oil pan towards the bottom of the crankcase. It is good that you let the engine idle for about two minutes to allow for oil circulation around the engine. Revving your engine before the oil circulates well may damage the moving parts and cause your engine to seize.

Driving on Low Fuel

Fuel has other functions on your car's engine besides powering the vehicle. It acts as a coolant and ensures that the pump is properly lubricated. Therefore, if you are driving on an empty tank or when the fuel light is on, there is a high chance that you may be causing the fuel pump, along with other components that come into contact with the gasoline, to overheat. Consider adding some fuel when the car reaches below the quarter tank.

Ignoring Dashboard Warning Lights

Vehicles have on-board computers that relay information on the performance of different parts of your car. Warning lights are part of the system that warns you when something goes wrong. Unfortunately, many drivers ignore warning lights as long as the vehicle is moving. Failure to check the cause of a warning light can result in costlier repairs and unexpected breakdowns. Check your owner's manual to explain what each light means and take prompt action as required.

Avoiding the bad driving habits above can help drastically increase the life of your vehicle, and ensure your safety on the road. When you need auto care in the area, don't hesitate to bring your vehicle into Sil's Complete Auto Care Centre today!

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