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How Often Should I Have My Brake Pads Replaced?

Multiple factors can affect the life of your brakes and knowing how to monitor wear can help you determine when to seek replacements. While some experts rate brake pads with a life of 30k to 70k miles, a more definitive recommendation leans toward changing brake pads when the surface reaches 3-4mm (new brake pad linings are 12mm).

Which Variables Affect the Lifespan of My Brakes?

While brake pads will inevitably wear out over time, daily habits and terrain can have significant effects on the lifespan of certain vehicle components, such as brake pads. Those who enjoy racing off the line, resulting in the need for quicker stops, or stop-and-go commuters, often see faster wear on brake pads than those who drive longer highway commutes or reserve their mileage for leisurely recreational drives.

Additionally, the material from which your brake pads are made can have a notable impact on longevity. For example, organic materials are more susceptible to wear, while metals are more durable, but can have a greater impact on rotor wear. Ceramic is a strong contender for greater lifespan, but with a higher price tag, as well.

Tips For Increasing the Life of Your Brake Pads

Since brake pads work in conjunction with rotors, replacing pads is just part of the equation. Be sure to closely monitor the wear on your pads. A great way to remember is to check in on your brake pad wear during each oil change. Additionally, driving within the speed limit can reduce the need for unnecessary braking, which may also reduce the wear on your vehicle's brake system.

How Much Will Brake Pad Replacements Cost?

While the price of vehicle components varies greatly based on make, model, and distributor pricing, replacing your brake pads at recommended intervals and avoiding rotor damage can result in reduced expenses. Consulting an automotive expert can give you insight into what actual repairs or replacements are required, and what choices are best suited for your vehicle and budget.

If you need to discuss brake pads or any other repair needs, we invite you to visit our facility and speak with one of our experts.

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