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Is There a Difference Between Antifreeze & Coolant?

Keeping your engine at a steady temperature is crucial to preserving your car. If the motor gets too cold, your car won't start, but too hot, and it'll overheat. As a car owner, you should do your absolute best to keep your engine at a stable operating temperature by monitoring its coolant. 


You may have heard the term coolant or antifreeze before. They may sometimes be interchangeable for the average person. However, you'd be surprised to know that they are not the same. Below is more information to better understand your car's cooling system to avoid this confusion when you take your vehicle to a mechanic.


Antifreeze is a rich solution consisting of silica and ethylene glycol. Together, the chemical components help lower the freezing point of the liquid that moves around your vehicle's engine. 


When combined with water, the antifreeze becomes a coolant. This mixture supports and regulates the engine's temperature to keep it from overheating or being too cold to run. Coolant can be sold by a manufacturer or made at home. When you choose to DIY coolant, please ensure you are working with distilled water. Using filtered water is advised because regular tap water could contain harmful minerals that could negatively impact the cooling system. Once you have the mixture of antifreeze and water, it gets put into your cooling system through the radiator.


The Difference 

As mentioned before, antifreeze is an intensive solution that makes up coolant. In contrast, coolant is a mix of antifreeze and water. To a certain degree, they are essentially the same.


What Are the Signs That I Need a Coolant Flush?

  1. Your temperature gauge is reaching the "H" on your dashboard.
  2. You see leaks from under your vehicle.
  3. There are loud, grinding sounds coming from the hood of your car.
  4. You notice that the existing solution is contaminated with debris and rust.
  5. You remark steam coming from your engine.
  6. Your car smells sweet, like maple syrup.

Coolant Flush Service in Oakville, ON

If you notice any of the symptoms listed, please bring your vehicle to Sil's Complete Auto Care Centre as soon as possible. If left ignored, your engine could sustain further damage. Our certified mechanics at Sil's Complete Auto Care Centre are experienced in engine repairs, servicing various vehicles every day. Give us a call or stop by our auto shop today!


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