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Why is My Car's Hybrid Drive System Malfunction Warning Light On?

Hybrid vehicles are great options for both fuel efficiency and the health of our environment. Believe it or not, a lot of hybrid and electric vehicles actually perform at higher standards than regular gas powered vehicles, all while reducing total emissions. These hybrid systems are very complex and rely on the electrical components of your vehicle to continue running, which is why these vehicles do require specially trained technicians for proper service. 

So, how does a hybrid vehicle work exactly? The main difference between a hybrid and standard gas vehicle is that while a hybrid car is running, the engine components shut down periodically and allow the battery to power the vehicle. This is done through regenerative braking, which takes the energy produced by the brakes to recharge your vehicle's battery on the road. 

If you own a hybrid vehicle, be on the look out for the Hybrid Drive System Malfunction Warning Light, seen in the image above. What this signifies is that there is an issue with your vehicle's hybrid system, which is typically a problem with the battery, charging, or electrical systems. Similar to a check engine warning light, the hybrid warning light will need to be addressed quickly to avoid being stranded on the road. 

If you do see this hybrid drive system malfunction warning light turn on, get your vehicle into the experts here at Sil's Complete Auto Care Centre at your earliest convenience. Our experts will run diagnostics on your vehicle's computer system to understand where the issue is stemming from. Once we have more information regarding the issue at hand, we can provide you with our service recommendations on how to get your vehicle fixed up and back on the road. 

Since hybrid vehicle are more complex, you can't just bring your car into any old shop for service. The professionals here at Sil's are highly experienced with hybrid models and we have the correct equipment and tools to properly service your hybrid vehicle. Give us a call or stop by today!

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