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Should You Keep Driving If Your Engine Temperature Warning Light is On?

You see the warning light above turn on - your vehicle's Engine Temperature Warning Light - and wonder what it means and what to do next. While it doesn't look like a warning light signaling an emergency, continuing to drive your vehicle with this light on risks extensive and expensive damage to your vehicle's engine. As soon as you see this light turn on, get your vehicle into Sil's Complete Auto Care Centre. 

This temperature warning light means that your engine is running at a temperature that is too high - in other words, your engine is overheating. If your vehicle's cooling system is working properly, this should never occur. However, a problem with the cooling system or low coolant can cause the engine to overheat, which leads to engine damage. 

Our professionals will complete an inspection and determine the cause of the overheating. If you catch the problem early, the damage caused to the engine will be minimal. Continuing to drive your vehicle with this light on will eventually lead to metal-to-metal contact and likely engine components will begin to be damaged and fail. 

When you see this light turn on, bring your vehicle into our shop. We will be more than happy to asssit and get you back on your way shortly. 

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