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Ministry Safety Inspection Safety Standard Certificate Changes coming 2023 and beyond for Ontario

I've always been a believer in completing proper SSC Safety Standard Certificates or a Ministry Safety Inspection. These certifications need to be completed for several reasons: Transfer of ownership in Ontario ( buying or selling)  Transfer of ownership to another family  member Transfer of ownership from leasing company to your personal name or company name Importing of car  from the USA or another province to get Ontario plates.  Requested by insurance company due to age or transfer to another company After a vehicle has been rebranded    Several years ago there were changes to the auto repair safety standards paper manual. These changes were well overdue with additional c ... read more





So come April 1 2017 there will be changes to the Drive Clean Emission Program. Some, oh probably most of the drivers out there dislike the program and I would agree even as an owner a business that has done thousands of them, i have my issues as well. The program does have some merit in that those who choose to disregard maintaining there vehicle have some sort of accountability to ensure its care and environmental footprint is reduced.  As basic as I can translate all the information coming my way here of some of the changes coming.  No more $30.00 test fee on the initial first test. You pass great, the government pays. You fail the government pays.  Ok, you failed. Your retest at the original testing facility is Customer Pay $17.50 + tax, if you choose another facility for the re test then it's Customer Pay $30.00 + tax.  No, you can't cheat and go from one fail to another - as your VIN# of your car will tell the fa ... read more


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CTV News - Independents Still A Great Choice

Check out the link to CTV news. Dealers and Independents. Here at Sils Auto repair and auto maintenance we do have loaner vehicles, a waiting room with coffee, water and reading materials as well a great view into the shop to see your car. The newest diagnostics and maintenance equipment and plenty of other perks. Our trained mechanics attend classes monthly all year round as well as our junior apprentices. We grow our staff from within bringing then up the ranks with our lead technician and owner thus grooming them to have the Sils Auto work ethic and quality we come to expect. We are your dealer alternative for auto service and maintenance. Whether a new car or its 10 year plus old we're here to help you. If you have any questions just call us at (905) 823-2626 and Ask for Susan or Carlo. Maybe in the future we'll also be your Telsa service facility who knows.... LINK Below ... read more

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