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CTV News - Independents Still A Great Choice

Check out the link to CTV news. Dealers and Independents. Here at Sils Auto repair and auto maintenance we do have loaner vehicles, a waiting room with coffee, water and reading materials as well a great view into the shop to see your car. The newest diagnostics and maintenance equipment and plenty of other perks. Our trained mechanics attend classes monthly all year round as well as our junior apprentices. We grow our staff from within bringing then up the ranks with our lead technician and owner thus grooming them to have the Sils Auto work ethic and quality we come to expect. We are your dealer alternative for auto service and maintenance. Whether a new car or its 10 year plus old we're here to help you. If you have any questions just call us at (905) 823-2626 and Ask for Susan or Carlo. Maybe in the future we'll also be your Telsa service facility who knows.... LINK Below ... read more

Why Balancing Winter Tire is Important At Sils Auto

Why Balancing Winter Tire is Important At Sils Auto

IMAGES ABOVE RECENT VEHICLE: 2005 Toyota Camry. Winter tires to be installed. Recent installed but shaking. Inspected tire and noted lots of dirt stuck to inner rim. Rims cleaned and tire pressure set to specification. Pre reading on tire was out, removed all weights, and re-balanced tire with correct weights. After tire came up "ok" to install. Balancing a tire prevents shaking of the steering wheel of vehicle when driving, usually felt between 90-120 kms. Also time issue, a return visit to the shop is a waste of time. At Sil's Complete Auto Repair we're not a tire shop but a auto repair facility that does tires. Trained techs also inspect brakes, steering and suspension for your safety. In this vehicles case the rear brakes are very low and need attention. Something a Quick lube, or Costco retailer does not have the trained staff to look at. A repair not performed at the correct time may lead to additional monies spent later on. Also all wheels are torqued to proper specification and ... read more

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