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What Happens if You Put the Wrong Type of Gas in Your Car?

Gas prices can look daunting sometimes. But choosing the right type of gas based on saving pennies per gallon may lead to a costly mistake. Here are some possible things that could happen if you put the wrong fuel in your car.


Putting Diesel Fuel in a Gasoline Engine Car 

Diesel fuel should not ignite in an engine that requires gasoline. This is due to the fact that diesel doesn’t vaporize the same way that gasoline does. On the other hand, the gas engine is not capable of combusting diesel. Therefore, once your tank runs out of gasoline, the engine will shut off. If this happens to you, parking and leaving the car off will help minimize the damage to your machine. You will then need to drain the gas tank and fuel lines. While some might do this themselves, it is safest to ask for professional help with draining your car’s fuel line. 


Putting Gasoline in a Diesel Engine Car 

This mistake is far more dangerous for your vehicle. A diesel engine can be immediately damaged after putting gasoline into it. Firstly, it can damage the fuel injector pump. Diesel and regular gas have different combustion properties, with gasoline being more flammable. This means that it can cause misfires, reduce engine power, knocking, and potentially cause irreparable damage to your engine. In the case that this happens to you, you should never force drive your diesel car with gasoline fuel. It is best to have your vehicle towed and have a mechanic drain your fuel lines and gas tank completely. 


Putting Premium Fuel in a Car That Doesn’t Need It 

Most people assume that higher-octane gas will increase your car’s performance and efficiency. However, that is simply just a myth. Truth be told, putting a higher octane gas into a car that doesn’t require it will neither help nor hurt your vehicle. Even though this will not damage your car, it is best to select the correct octane gasoline next time you hit the gas station. 


Putting Regular Fuel in a Car That Requires Premium 

Using a lower octane fuel for a premium-required vehicle could possibly lead to internal damage. In some cases, you may hear rattling noises, decreased fuel economy, and reduced efficiency and performance from your vehicle. It would be best if you switched to getting a higher-octane gas immediately. 

If you accidentally put the incorrect type of fuel in your vehicle and think that your vehicle might need to be reassessed, then you can trust our highly-trained technicians at Sil’s Complete Auto Care Center. 

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