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What is ADAS?

With so many drivers on the road, there is a need for increased safety measures. Thankfully, most cars come with anti-lock brakes, but that's only the beginning. The advent of the Internet over the last twenty-five years or so has called for more sophisticated measures, and now every newer model has some form of built-in computer system equipped with your safety in mind.

Take, for example, backup monitors. These help the driver to determine just how much room there is to back up and how safe it is. This especially helps in situations where you may be navigating your way out of a parking lot by backing out. The technology was created with a camera to help you see the traffic behind and let you know when it's safe to continue backing up. Add in the blind spot monitors and not only will you be able to back up safely, but can be alerted if another vehicle is hiding in the lane next to you on the freeway.

Advanced cruise control allows your vehicle the advantage of automatically adjusting to the traffic and conditions around you. It can adjust the speed to help you keep up in a manner that's safe while still complying with the minimum speed allowed. There are even cases where your brakes may automatically kick in to avoid a collision and keep you safe.

Complex navigation systems come with visual cues and voice prompts that allow drivers to successfully navigate unknown territory. They offer step-by-step instructions to get you to your destination and will even adjust for construction, road conditions, and to help you avoid tolls when necessary. Having driver monitoring systems will keep you awake for long trips by monitoring the position of your head and heart rate while driving. Other advanced features such as infrared lights will help you see at night without blinding the other driver.

But an ADAS system can fail anytime and without warning, which makes it necessary to seek repairs. And when it happens, there's no need to panic. Simply call or bring your vehicle in today for repairs. It's that simple.

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