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Why Is My Cruise Control Not Working?

We're all suckers for fun road trips! If you are an experienced road trip goer, you know that cruise control can be your most reliable companion. The cruise control feature of most modern cars allows you to drive safely at a steady speed. This tool gives your leg rest time and enables you to drive by just moving the wheel without pressing on the gas pedal. It can be pretty devastating to come across a malfunctioning cruise control system on the day of your big departure. Without it, your drive may leave you feeling tired. Here are some possible reasons behind why your cruise control is not working:


Damaged Speed Sensor

The speed sensor is the portion of the system that detects how fast your car moves and is related to your speedometer. Since cruise control needs an accurate speed reading, cruise control will not work correctly if the speed sensor is broken. With inaccurate readings on your speedometer, you're in a hazardous situation by putting yourself at risk of a speeding ticket or horrific accident. 


Blown Fuse

In select cars, the cruise control feature is electronically controlled and powered. With an electrically powered part, there's always a possibility that the impairment can be traced back to a blown fuse. You will need an auto professional with electrical skills to fix the fuse.


Faulty Brake Pedal Switch

As you may know, stepping on the brake pedal will switch on your brake lights. This effect is all thanks to the brake pedal switch. If there are any complications with the brake pedal switch, the brake light will fail to come on, and cruise control will also stop running. Other drivers on the road rely on your vehicle lights as a form of communication (when you're slowing down or coming to a stop). It's essential to have this problem fixed for that reason as well!


Cruise control failure is often linked with other internal problems. Whatever it may be, it could jeopardize your safety if you don't get the issues fixed. If your vehicle requires maintenance or repairs, give Sil's Complete Auto Care Centre a call or visit today. 

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