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Winter Maintenance Checklist for Your Vehicle

With plummeting temperatures, driving through winter is very challenging, and it requires expertise and extreme preparedness. As part of the readiness, vehicle maintenance is critical to maintaining optimal functioning driving through harsh conditions. These essential checklists will guarantee a smoother driving experience during winter.

Check Your Tires

If the treads on your tires lack sufficient depth, it is time to get a new set of tires before setting out in winter. Navigating through the treacherous road conditions requires sufficient traction, and thus investing in a powerful set of tires is always a great option.

Check Your Battery

In the initial days of winter, the battery suffers from a double whammy of cold temperatures. It causes a reduced output and increased use of lights, heater, and blower. Check your battery before setting out in winter. The battery works harder during cold weather, and this might cause it to lose power fast.

Check the Antifreeze

The correct mixture of antifreeze maintains car functionality during winter. Check the right labels on the antifreeze for the recommended mix helps enhance the engine block's lifespan.

Check Radiator Cap and Thermostat

The radiator cap is a critical component in the cooling and heating system. It keeps the antifreeze in place. Before setting out in winter, check the radiator cap for any signs of leaking fluid. If it is old, consider replacing it with a new one to enhance performance. Additionally, check the thermostat to ensure that your car heats up during the cold driving sessions. Change the thermostat when need be and ensure that your winter driving experience is smooth.

Check Your Wiper Blades

You require effective wiper blades to navigate winter and ensure safety when driving. If the wiper blades are old, consider making changes to a powerful set. Ensure to get the right set for your vehicle since there are numerous varieties of wiper blades available in the market

Check Your Lights Regularly

With rain, sleet, and snow, you might experience constant periods of darkness during winter, and your lights are essential for easy navigating in such times. Ensure your front and rear lights are clean and functional, as well as the side indicators. Additionally, check that the number plate lights are functional.

There are numerous components to check before setting out driving in winter. Our auto repair shop is always open to ensure that your vehicle has all required to survive winter driving. Drive to our shop and let us handle these things for you.

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